How to lose 7 kg in 7 days?

lemons for weight loss per week of 7 kg

In this short article, we will tell you about one of the most effective and well-known methods of losing weight, thanks to which you can lose seven extra pounds in just one week. Since all of the components in this diet are completely natural, it is suitable for regular use by people of all ages.

How to lose 7 kg in 7 days? -effective technique

Detailed description of the technique:

First day

At the beginning of the week of a health-improving and unloading diet, you should eat the following dishes and products: a serving of hot oatmeal (one serving not more than one hundred grams), a weak natural yogurtin fat, one hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese, one medium-ripe orange, two apples and two hundred grams of boiled chicken fillet.

Second day

In the second day of the seven-day diet to lose weight, you need to eat the following foods: two fresh medium tomatoes, one hundred grams of soft prunes, a full glass of kefir (with a low percentage of fat), two hundredgrams of boiled beef, one grapefruit and one hundred grams of bulk buckwheat porridge to cook without salt in water. It is better to just steam the cereal with boiling purified water, cover the container and put it in a warm place.

Third day

On the third day of the diet, you can eat and drink such products: baked or boiled fish (one serving - no more than two hundred grams), an average cup of high-quality green tea, four ripe peppers, one hundred grams ofrice porridge, a medium pear, four tangerines and a glass of hot fresh milk, which should be heated a little in a double boiler.

Fourth day

Throughout the fourth day of the seven-day diet for weight loss, eat: five pieces of fresh cucumbers, two hundred grams of fresh cabbage, two hundred grams of boiled chicken fillet, two ripe yellow pears, one hundred and fifty grams of cottage cheesefat and one hundred grams of dried apricots or prunes.

Fifth day

The products to be consumed on the fifth day of the diet are: cooked or boiled white fish (there should not be more than two hundred and fifty grams of this product in one serving), a glass of hot fresh milk, two cups of tea(you can use black tea and green tea), one hundred gram serving of crumbly buckwheat porridge, two large apples, four fresh carrots and one hundred grams of seaweed.

Sixth day

During the penultimate day of the seven-day diet, you should eat the following: two medium ripe oranges, one hundred and fifty grams of boiled beef, two hundred grams of cooked or boiled broccoli, one hundred grams of millet porridge, andat least two hundred grams of berries (if you do not have fresh ones, you can use frozen berries from the supermarket). To achieve a greater effect, folk medicine recommends adding a little liquid honey to the fruit on this day.

Seventh day

A set of products for the last day of the diet: one hundred grams of boiled beets, two ripe apples, two pears, two hundred grams of boiled chicken or turkey fillet, one and a half glasses of hot chicken broth, one hundred grams of grapesdry, one hundred grams of oatmeal and two plain yogurts with a low percentage of fat.

Remember that the best way to eat while following this diet is called "split meals". Eat any of the above foods every two hours, without overloading the stomach with food, but getting rid of the feeling of hunger. Make sure to replenish your hydration regularly while you follow the 7 Day Diet. Drink exceptionally cold purified or still water.