How to lose 10 kg in a month without harming health

Thin waist

One of the main characters in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" was ready to lose weight at all costs, not even counting gastritis as a dangerous price to pay for a slim waist. Girls and women, raised on a philosophy of healthy living, no longer agree with this. Our goal is to lose weight without harm to health (but preferably - as soon as possible). And it is doable!

Diet is more important than the diet itself

It is just as important for adolescents and people over 40 that their daily diet works like a clock.


  • it's worth having breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks at the same time (regardless of the day of the week);
  • if you play sports, do your workouts according to the program, distributing them evenly throughout the week;
  • it is reasonable to control the weight often (but it is one thing to weigh yourself daily, and another - every hour);

Fitness trainers claim that in real life, only a third of people are able to adhere to a strict diet. So if you get lost every now and then, don't beat yourself up too much. Although, of course, there is also no need to "do everything".

"Clean" power system: efficient, but not deadly

Not all menus will allow you to lose a tidy sum (say 5 kg per week) right away without harming your health. You'll have to choose between an effective, but notoriously dangerous, diet (which includes mono-nutrition and other “planners”) and slow but healthy weight loss.

Work efficiently and smoothly:

  • separate food;
  • healthy foods (except starches, fried foods, alcohol and mandatory 100% vegetable dinners before 10 p. m. - vegetables must be fresh or baked);
  • increase the frequency of meals with decreasing portions;
  • a gradual decrease in daily calories - from 300 to 400 kcal per day, no more.

Important: You should not interrupt your diet too quickly. It's stressful on the body. Our subconscious can decide that the time for hunger has come, and “activate” the internal economy mode, starting the “impotence process” so that the body does not waste fat stores, and even sending eachcalorie not used in the reserve, that is to say on the sides. In this case, a strict diet will do more harm than help (plus the psychological discomfort due to the need to "sit" exclusively on diet dishes, but not always preferred).

Fasting days

Nutritionists and even therapists consider kefir, apple, kefir-apple, cottage cheese and so on to be beneficial for the body.

But you also need to do the unloading wisely. Make sure thatthe daily ration is not less than 800-1000 kcal. Avoid physical activity (which includes both sports and strenuous homework).

Pure water for weight loss

Pure water

A good water balance in the body is important in all cases. Water is responsible for the condition of the skin (which will remain elastic and will not sag as you lose weight). Water flushes toxins from the body which are released when fatty deposits "melt". It also fills the stomach in a beneficial way, replacing the usual frequent snacks and protecting against the consumption of excessive calories.

When you lose weight,drink 2 liters of clean plain water each day. But not all of a sudden: distribute the portions of water gently, using no more than one glass. If you start drinking one liter at a time, you will stretch your stomach and be exhausted from a constant appetite, as an enlarged stomach will be more difficult to "feed".

But be careful with yourself: if the bodies of 9 people agree to drink so frequently with delight, then the body of the 10th person will respond withthe appearance ofedema. This symptom indicates that water intake should be reduced (and also talk to a therapist who will refer you for a kidney or heart exam). And if you already know your own problems with these organs, you should talk to your doctor about your personal diet and how to lose weight.

Rest for the body

Body rest

You cannot safely lose weight by dieting and standing in a three-minute bar every day, but depriving yourself of healthy sleep on a regular basis. A lack of regular sleep, multiplied by a poor diet and constant fatigue from exercising in the gym, will generate stress, chronic fatigue, and then hormonal imbalance in record time.

It is advisable to get enough sleep between 10 p. m. and 10 a. m. , so that the uninterrupted sleep time is at least 8 hours. During this time, the resting body produces hormones that help the body break down fat. In addition, a full night's rest is a guarantee of good humor for the whole day (which is especially important when playing sports).

Healthy sleep is also "done":

  • walks in the fresh air before going to bed;
  • orthopedic mattress;
  • calm atmosphere before bedtime;
  • a calmed emotional background (due to refusal of favorite foods, women's nerves suffer, so it is important to prepare well for a diet and use a light sedative).

Physical education, that is, sport

Regular fitness or strength training is the most important prerequisite for rapid weight loss without significant reduction in calorie intake.

It can be workouts of any intensity.

Best suited:

  • group workouts in the gym (pilates, yoga, aerobics);
  • walking (but it is better to walk with a pedometer or a similar program downloaded to your smartphone - for an adult, the daily walking rate starts at 10 thousand steps);
  • running - 2 or 3 runs per week for 20 minutes, at a slow pace;
  • daily exercises at home, but not less than 20-30 minutes a day (you can choose a workout for yourself on the Internet, or at least twist a hoop and swing a press).

But: if you are not getting enough sleep or feeling well, give up physical education. Squats or push-ups by force, overcoming a headache or muscle pain, you will only hurt yourself. And if the sport itself ends in ailments, it is better to talk to a doctor - the body warns you about a future "breakdown".


It is foolish to hope that this procedure will "break" the fatty deposits in the body.

But if you play sports, massage can help relieve stress from tired muscles. In addition, massagespeeds up blood circulation(which means that the body is able to eliminate toxins more quickly).

Contrast showers and "warming" beauty treatments will also help.

Internal preparation

To lose weight properly,mentally prepare yourself for it. You should not buy a fridge magnet with the inscription "Don't eat, and it's the cow" - such a "motto" pleasure will cause 5 minutes, then it will become boring.

It is wiser to drink a mild sedative or take drugs that strengthen the nervous system and help cope with stress ahead of time (at least 2 weeks before going on a diet).

These can be:

  • light pharmaceuticals (eg vitamins);
  • herbal teas (drugstore preparations are said to be "soothing", "anti-stress");
  • essential oils (vanilla, mandarin, lavender).

By the way: keeping a food journal can also be called psychological preparation. Without changing your diet, start recording every serving you eat (even light snacks), including meal time. This will help you understand your own basic nutritional mistakes - the reasons for gaining and maintaining excess weight.

Starve or not. . .

Even after starting a diet, remember:hunger is not a friend, but an enemy. Due to constant hunger, you feel stress, tension, risking "breaking" at the wrong time. It is best to consider frequent and safe snacks by hiding a supply of apples, celery, cucumbers and other foods with low or even negative calories at home.

You can prepare vegetables for future use (wash, peel, cut, grate or make a salad without dressing and put it in the refrigerator in a closed container). To prevent the apple slices from darkening, sprinkle them with lemon juice.

Calculation of body mass index

Sometimes women lose weight violently, not realizing that their weight is in fact within normal limits. The Body Mass Index (BMI) will help you understand if you are overweight and, if so, how exhausted you have been.

BMI is determined by the formula: weight divided by height (in meters) squared.

Example: with a height of 165 and a weight of 75 kg, we obtain 75: (1, 65 * 1, 65) = 27, 54.

It remains to check the result:

  • below 19 for an adult - extremely low weight;
  • 19-24 - you are of normal weight;
  • 25-29 - overweight is clearly emphasized;
  • 30 and over is a sign of obesity.

These aren't the only numbers you can use to help you lose weight safely. Doctors and nutritionists are also familiar with the norms of "gentle" weight loss - 3-4 kg per month. That is, deciding to lose 10 kg, divide your goal by 3 or 4, and you will find that since the monthly loss of 4 kg does not affect the body, you do not need to rush, allowing 2, 5 months (10/4) to lose weight.

New good habits

  1. The cleaner the dish, the faster the portion is consumed. This means that there will be no complete chewing and refusal of the supplement. So, when losing weight, it is worth giving up peppery dishes flavored with mustard and "hellish" spices.
  2. Eating for the family is thrifty. . . But also very caloric. As well as the constant maintenance in the stove with the compulsory taking of a sample of each prepared dish. You can't lose a lot of weight by forcing yourself to chew only a salad of dandelion leaves, but after dinner, throw chunks of bread, leftover chops and bitten candy left by children in your mouth. Yes, it's not economical, but the food that you can't refuse is bound to "stick" to your side.
  3. It is not reasonable to abandon basic products without replacing them with alternatives. Suppose you want to lose weight with vegetarianism, remember - it is wise to replace meat with soy and other legumes, avocados, nuts, and you should not refuse milk or eggs.
  4. Better to buy a kitchen scale right away. Cooking by eye makes it easy to double your food dose!
  5. A huge amount of food is bad. For one thing, buying a lot of food is smart - you don't have to go to the store often. But on the other hand, a clogged refrigerator and pantry is a constant invitation to "sin", making it difficult to lose weight quickly.
  6. Lack of control over sugar intake is also bad. You heroically started drinking tea and even coffee without sugar, and are you terribly proud of it? And, of course, given up on candies and other donuts? But the list of sugary foods is much broader than it looks. For example, any fast diet completely excludes bananas, grapes, raisins, packaged juices. . .
  7. Many foods seem "harmless" and are often eaten carelessly. During this time, a spoonful of milk in coffee is equivalent to 9 kcal, a glass of kefir - 148 kcal (and if it is unsweetened yogurt, then 230 kcal at all), an average apple - 120 kcal, one chicken egg - 158 kcal, 100 g of walnuts - about 645 kcal. . . And these are just snacks, often not even noticed!
  8. Food to grasp stress or to occupy hands is a huge evil. Keeping a food diary can open our eyes to many eating habits that are detrimental to our figure. How many times have you made a sandwich "under the TV", for a business with someone, from "nerves"?
  9. Distended stomach. The walls of this organ are elastic muscles that can change shape. Double and triple supplements stretch the stomach, making it impossible to get enough small portions. See for yourself: if you have enough of a standard serving of food from a cafe (bowl of soup + salad), your stomach is in good shape. And if after such a meal you are hungry (even 15 minutes after lunch), take your willpower in a fist. It is not necessary to perform an operation and close the stomach, but you will have to train the willpower without overeating for a very long time.

You can also approach this problem more carefully by examining not only your own eating habits, but alsopsychological attitudes.

Popular opinions on safe diets


This diet has many advantages over others: it allows grains, bread, vegetables and fruits. Unlike veganism, vegetarianism does not renounce certain animal products (eggs, dairy products, honey).

Vegetarianism will be relevant if your old diet included large amounts of fish and fatty meats (mackerel, salmon, pork).

If you can't eat plenty of herbs, nutritionists advise you to organize avegetarian weekendor weeks.

"The main thing is to be on time before six o'clock! "

It is believed that you can lose 5 kg per week if you refuse late dinners and even snacks before bedtime, having time to finish the last meal before 6: 00 p. m. (maximum - before 7: 00 p. m. ). At the same time, dinner should be light: say, a vegetable salad with vegetable oil and low-fat boiled fish.

But it's not that simple.This food system will be useless if other meals are not calculated correctly:

  • food should be divided into small but frequent portions (4 to 5 times a day);
  • it is better to choose cereals for breakfast (for example, oatmeal with banana and coffee);
  • snack: fruit (better fresh, because dried fruit is high in calories);
  • for lunch, treat yourself to cereals (porridge, soup, bread), meat, vegetables;
  • Afternoon snack: a light dairy dish.

Better to cook in a bain-marie, oven, simmer. Stop frying while losing weight.

If your hunger keeps you awake on this diet, treat yourself to an apple slice or a few tablespoons of light salad before bed.

Healthy eating

  1. Breakfast: "good" carbohydrates - cereals with butter, nuts, berries or fruit. Muesli or granola (but this product is careful, it contains a lot of sugar). When preparing sweet porridge, it can be supplemented with cottage cheese, unsweetened - with a boiled egg. Kefir, yogurt, tea or coffee (not sweet) will do
  2. Second breakfast (or snack # 1): 1 piece of fruit or a glass of kefir.
  3. Lunch: vegetarian soup. Meat or light fish (rabbit, chicken, turkey, veal, river fish or sea hake, pollock). Vegetables (cooked, boiled, steamed or fresh) with unrefined oil.
  4. Podnik (or snack # 2): unsweetened sour milk.
  5. Dinner: meat, fish, vegetables (the same as for lunch, but without soup).
  6. Second dinner (snack # 3)
  7. : a glass of kefir or light yogurt.

Remember to drink plenty of clean water. It is not worth replacing with tea or coffee (and even more so with juices with a lot of sugar).

The only downside to this diet is that it does not work as a temporary measure. To have a lean body, you will need to instill in yourself a constant habit of good nutrition. But first, wait at least 3 weeks.