Diet - detailed description and useful tips. Diet Reviews and Sample Recipes

general principles and rules of adherence to a diet

The introduction of all new weight loss programs in the field of dietetics allows modern women to effectively keep their body lines in perfect order, and if something happens, correct them a bit byusing specially developed techniques. Of course, some of them are aimed not only at losing weight, but also cleansing the whole body. One of these methods is diet, aimed primarily at cleansing the body at the cellular level.

Diet is one of the most effective. Its purpose is to reduce stress on the digestive tract, and therefore to put all the organs involved in order. And, of course, let's not be tricky - get rid of the infamous extra pounds, which are such a horror. In addition, such a diet will be useful for people who have a bad habit of constantly snacking and "chewing on the go. "This is because during the period of adherence to the diet, you simply cannot chew! So what to do? Starve? In any case! The diet provides for the rejection of only solid foods, but this does not mean at all that our body will "suffer". On the contrary, he will receive all the calories due to him.

In the process of diet, gentle cleansing of the body occurs: the first 7-10 days are superficial cleansing, the second - the "treatment" of internal organs and the entire digestive tract, andIt is only in the third week that the most important stage begins - general cleansing at the cellular level. Thus, the duration of the diet should vary from three to four weeks. At such a time, it is very important not to break down so that the internal rectification mechanism can reach the deep cells, but you should not go too far either, otherwise you will only hurt yourself.

Diet - What foods you can eat

Diet is not starvation! This is the most important thing to consider. During his observation, it is allowed to consume any liquid suitable for life, except alcoholic drinks and soft sparkling water, which is full of synthetic preservatives and dyes. Within four weeks, you can safely include in the diet liquid yogurt (without sugar), dairy products and sour milk, various teas, low-fat broths, natural fruit and vegetable juices, cocoa, light diet soups, mash, mineral water. Coffee lovers can sometimes treat themselves to an invigorating drink. Among other things, the daily menu must necessarily contain pure water (at least 1000 to 1500 grams per day).

Diet - What foods not to eat

The principle of the diet is a complete rejection of any solid food. It is also forbidden to add sugar, sugar substitutes to drinks, including natural ones (glucose, fructose, etc. ). Alcohol, hot spices, canned juices, vegetable oils, fatty broths, fatty milk and sour cream are completely excluded. It is allowed to add a minimum amount of salt to liquid soups-mash for taste.

Diet - Sample menus

The best part is that each person forms the diet of the drinking diet at their own discretion, regardless of gender, age and the amount of extra pounds. The only requirement is the daily use of a liquid vegetable puree, which should enrich your diet at least once a day. If, in addition to cardinal cleansing, you plan to achieve a weight loss effect from the diet, limit the amount of liquid ingredients consumed to 2 liters, plus 1. 5 liters of pure water.

Try to think about the next day's menu from the evening so that later there is no unnecessary hassle and running. And at noon, you can enjoy a diet soup prepared according to one of the recipes below.

Recipe 1: Mashed vegetable soup with potatoes, cauliflower and carrots

Cut the potatoes into large cubes, fill them with water or chicken broth, put them on the fire. After boiling, add a few inflorescences of cauliflower, sliced ​​carrots and cook the vegetables until tender. Optionally add 1 onion and 1 peeled pepper. After the vegetables are cooked, cool them and grind them in a blender with the addition of broth. The soup should not be too thick. That's it - the dish is ready!

Recipe 2: Creamy turnip soup with vegetables

To prepare the soup we need the following ingredients: 50 gr. carrots, 70 gr. turnips, 70 gr. potatoes, 50 gr. leeks, a glass of low-fat milk.

Preparation method: Finely chop the carrots, potatoes, leek stems, turnips and cook in water or low-fat broth until tender. Then beat the vegetables with a small amount of broth in a blender or rub them through a sieve. Then add the hot milk, a little salt, mix everything well until a homogeneous consistency. The soup is ready.

When preparing any mashed soup, be guided only by your taste. Add your favorite vegetables, a little greenery when cooking. Oil, spices, spices, sauces are totally excluded.

Diet - Useful tips and advice

  • The diet should be accompanied by a smooth and slow exit. Within a week, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of solid food in the diet, otherwise you risk serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. It is forbidden to immediately attack solid food - a lazy stomach, most likely, will not accept it.
  • While on the diet, be sure to monitor bowel movements - this should be daily.
  • The diet should not be taken too often (no more than once a year).

With all due respect, eating the diet has a number of side effects, which are especially felt during the first phase of cleansing. What women who have experienced the diet on their own skin write:

“… the first 6-8 days were particularly difficult: depressed mood, refusal to do anything, lack of interest in everything, apathy. I wouldn't say that I was overwhelmed by a strong feeling of hunger or irritability, it was just very unusual, and the body apparently reacted that way. After all, by nature we all have to eat, chew food, and here such a refusal. Of course, it is stressful on the body. After a few days it just got a lot easier. You can tell everything is back to normal and I'll say more - there was a kind of inner lightness, I just wanted to fly. . . "

This is just one of many reviews of diet consumption. In addition to the listed side effects, women pointed out the appearance of plaque on the tongue and an unpleasant smell of acetone from the mouth (these are completely normal phenomena, indicating that the cleaning process is taking place in the correctsense), which miraculously took place on the 8th-10th day of the diet.

In order for the first stage of the diet to be tolerated much more easily, it is advisable to pre-prepare the body, gradually reducing (within five to seven days) the amount of solid food eaten.

And the last, most important tip: Before using this method to lose weight, be sure to get tested. People with hypertension, edema, heart or kidney failure even think about a diet.