Protein diet for weight loss at home, menu and daily diet

Protein diet products

Nutritionists assure: a protein diet for weight loss not only allows you to tuck into a dress of a smaller size, but also to fix the weight. And you need to hold on for a relatively short period - 2 weeks. But the regime also has pitfalls.

How this diet differs from the rest

The medically approved human diet contains 12% protein. This is enough for an active life and healthy work of the body. At least 1 g of "pure" protein should fall per 1 kg of human weight.

A protein diet is based on reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats. In other words,the daily percentage of protein consumed by a person increases.

Protein takes four hours to digest to keep you feeling full all day. You will not go hungry on such a diet.

List of approved products:

  • lean meats (skinless chicken or turkey fillets, veal, rabbit);
  • reduced fat milk (as well as vegan milk - say soy milk);
  • chicken or quail eggs (it is better to use only protein);
  • varieties of “dry” fish (hake, pollock, cod, carp, pike);
  • seafood (shrimp - yes, crab sticks - no, those are carbohydrates);
  • soy products (tofu cheese, soy meatballs or goulash, sprouted soy salad);
  • legumes (peas, beans, beans, lentils);
  • oatmeal, quinoa;
  • vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli;
  • seeds (protein content champion - pumpkin seeds);
  • nuts.

Bread and flour products, sweets, foods with a high percentage of fat, alcohol and sodas are prohibited.

Girl on a diet

Protein alternative

The Atkins diet and the Kremlin diet are based on a similar nutritional principle. Such diets are also effective (this is proven by repeated examples of stars praising protein nutrition in interviews), but it is difficult to call them the healthiest. Reviews of those who lose weight often end with the words "I couldn't hold back, I lost it".

The point is, these diets exclude carbohydrates. And, since these nutrients are needed by the body, a person will constantly dream of sweets, until the thoughts of sweets or pies become an obsession.

Ducan's diet is also protein-rich (in particular phase 1 - Attack). But in this case, reviews warn of possible kidney problems. With this diet, you should never violate the drinking regimen, and if the kidneys were slack before (sand or pebbles were found in this organ, a history of chronic "dormant" disease), it is betterdo not take risks and lose weight by another method.

How is such nutrition beneficial for the body?

Proteins are proteins - these are the “bricks” that the human body is built from. Digestion converts them into amino acids, without which muscle growth, the correct production of hormones and the liver is impossible. A person who consumes too little protein is faced with chronic fatigue, reduced performance, an inability to develop a nice muscle relief while playing sports.

That is, a lot of protein is not only the absence of hunger, but also strength, beauty, health.

Benefits of the diet

  • Unlike mono-diets, protein nutrition pleaseswith a large list of permitted dishes. And if you compare with the "starving" methods of losing weight (for example, with the Japanese or French diet), this food is plentiful and you won't have to fight the appetite that constantly arises.
  • The necessary products are sold in every supermarket.
  • The body gets used to small portions, so even after quitting the diet, the body will not need a “bowl” of food.
  • You lose weight not only due to loss of muscle mass, but also due to fat loss(therefore, a protein diet is suitable not only for women, but also formen).
  • The menu tastes good. Meat and seafood paired with salads aren't nasty onion or celery soups, solid boiled buckwheat, and other dubious joys of mono diets.
  • The result is pinned. If the weight returns, then only after 6-8 months.
  • Protein strengthens bones. The protein diet is an effective prevention of osteoporosis.

But don't forget thedrinking regime. The mandatory daily intake of 1. 5-2 liters of water is a guarantee of fresh health, firmed skin (even with a loss of 5-6 kg), healthy kidney function.

Important: At the start of the diet, the body loses a lot of water (hence the protein diet is called "drying"). Drink plenty to replenish moisture loss. However, in the following days, the body needs clean water: the liquid will help eliminate the toxins released during the "melting" of fat reserves.

Disadvantages and contraindications

  • A protein diet is unlikely to be suitable for vegetarians, as it is based on the regular use of animal products. Of course, you can try to get by by eating plenty of soy substitutes (vegan sausage and meatballs) and legumes. But at the same time, there will be no choice in the diet, so it will quickly become boring.
  • This diet is slow. For a week on "protein" you can also lose weight, but this weight will not be fixed. To get a more or less decent result, lose weight from 2 weeks.
  • Thediet is categorically contraindicatedfor people with liver and kidney disease. People with arthritis, osteoarthritis and other joint diseases, having problems with the gastrointestinal tract (chronic pancreatitis, dysbiosis, colitis), heart problems (arrhythmia) are also at risk. It is worth refraining from a protein diet for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Although it is believed that this is not a "hungry" diet, it is impossible to eat protein foods "from the belly". In other words,will still have to limit themselves by measuring small portions and refusing too abundant snacks.
  • Due to a decrease in the amount of sugar in the diet, a person may face an inability to concentrate on work, reduced work capacity, unreasonable mood. It will be especially difficult for people suffering from mental labor.
  • In addition to carbohydrates, such a diet is low in fiber. And for such nutrition, the body will “avenge” constipation. Drinking often will help solve this problem (but instead of tea, pour yourself clean water without gas). Also do not ignore fresh herbs, vegetables, bran (add them to salads, cottage cheese, buy healthy wholemeal bread).

Can a protein diet hurt?

Yes, if the person gets carried away by giving up carbs completely. That's right, we get fat from it, butcarbohydrates are neededfor muscle building, proper cell division of the body, mental activity and the same physical endurance.

In addition, the increase in the protein content of the dietcauses the appearance of sand and kidney stones, constantly overloading this organ. So stretching the protein diet (even if you really liked the diet) isn't worth it.

By the way: it is believed that if a person plays sports on a protein diet (including weight training), the damage from a large amount of protein will be minimized.

When you start to lose weight, remember. . .

  1. Don't be hungry. Hunger - cook! You can have a snack, but - only light vegetables or protein dishes allowed.
  2. Drink with meals. And not 2-3 sips, but up to 2 glasses of water. The liquid will help your stomach handle heavy meals.
  3. Ditch the fat(if possible completely). Don't even oil the salad.
  4. If you find that you are buying few fruits and vegetables, don't hesitate - addvitamin supplementsto your diet.
  5. Supplement your diet with exercise.This is not only possible, but necessary, as getting in shape and form will speed up the process of losing weight.
  6. It is desirable to eat in portions, dividing the daily food into 6 meals.
  7. You can repeat this diet after 4 months, but better later.
  8. Desired daily caloric value -from 700 kcal, maximum 1200 kcal. Remember: The daily energy needs of a petite woman and a tall, muscular man are different. If the mentioned 700-800 kcal is enough for the first, then such a diet will "kill" health, its norm is at least 1200 kcal, or even more.
  9. The menu must be balanced: Combine vegetable and animal proteins.

What to cook all week

The simplest menu for a week and 14 days does not require a long stay in front of the stove (after all, long cooking is constant “sampling” and constant appetite). Use products with a minimum or higher fat content.

But: it can be difficult to buy healthy meals in supermarkets or cafes. It is therefore better to prepare lunch in advance, at home (in the morning or in the evening), take it with you to the office in a tray and heat it there.

Breakfast: quick ideas

Eat breakfast 30 minutes after getting up.

  1. A serving of cottage cheese without honey or sugar. You can make the dish more appetizing with 2-3 tablespoons of berries, a handful of seeds or garlic and herbs. It is not often possible to allow yourself to dry fruit (for example, raisins). But bananas, grapes or honey should not be added to cottage cheese - these products contain a lot of carbohydrates.
  2. Omelette with spinach and / or broccoli.
  3. Egg scrambling. The recipe for this dish is simple: the eggs are broken in a cold pan, butter is added, the pan is put on fire. The eggs are mixed. Once cool, take the scrambled eggs out to a plate and sprinkle with herbs. . . Yes, it's the same omelet, but from Gordon Ramsay! But it is rarely worth cooking, because the recipe contains oil.
  4. Sandwich: A slice of toasted whole grain bread without oil + boiled chicken breast + a leaf of lettuce.
  5. Chicken (boiled, baked) + salad of carrots and fresh apples sprinkled with lemon juice.
  6. Chicken and broccoli soup.
  7. Unsweetened oatmeal + protein omelet (you can leave 1 yolk for 3 proteins).

To survive until lunchtime, you need amorning snack. The protein diet does not prohibit it.

Allow yourself 2-3 fruits. They will saturate the body with fructose and “fast” carbohydrates, which in the first half of the day will have time to move and be completely consumed.

But since the diet is protein, you should choose snacks that match: a protein shake, a slice of low-fat cheese, boiled egg white, a soy milk smoothie, grated carrots with a dressingwith sour cream.

Lunch: easy to take away

  1. Lentil soup (you can cook for 2 days, and so that the soup does not become boring, the next day, mash it into a puree and season with light sour cream).
  2. Steak + vegetable salad (without potatoes or corn).
  3. One serving of whole grain noodles (or durum wheat pasta) + vegetables + tofu.
  4. Light shrimp salad.
  5. Grilled turkey (fillet) + green salad.
  6. Boiled chicken fillet + a portion of mushrooms (cooked without sauce, baked or baked, including grilled). These dishes can be prepared in double quantity, leaving half for dinner.
  7. Steamed chicken meatballs + rice garnish (no more than 5 large spoons).

Some nutritionists also allow cooking salmon fillets, but no more than 75g per serving.

After lunch,afternoon snackis ​​important (or snack # 2). In this case, try to avoid carbohydrates and fats. Bite with fresh cucumber or 2-3 lettuce leaves.


are also a great solution. There is a lot of protein in this product (especially in peanuts, almonds, pistachios), but no less calories, so eat a little, but don't get carried away by the nuts. The maximum daily dose is 30 g of nuts. It is recommended that this product is neither fried nor salted.

Dinner: Hey Easy!

  1. Chicken fillet + celery salad (any type).
  2. Falafel + green salad. Important: Falafel recipes require you to deeply grease them. But this is not your option because you are losing weight. Bake chickpea balls in the oven, so it will sometimes reduce the calorie content of dinner.
  3. Braised rabbit + quinoa garnish.
  4. Mussels cooked in tomato sauce.
  5. Boiled beans + steamed lean fish fillets.
  6. Boiled or canned tuna + a portion of seaweed.
  7. Protein omelet of 3-4 eggs + fresh tomatoes.
  8. Salad of boiled protein and fresh vegetables.
  9. Boiled beef meatballs + a glass of tomato juice.
  10. One serving of cottage cheese casserole (without sugar, with dried fruit, eggs and 2-3 tablespoons of semolina).
  11. Baked apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon.

There is no need to delay dinner.Finish it 3 hours before bedtime.

However, you also should not fall asleep from hand to mouth. If before going to bed "sucks the spoon", drink a glass of low-fat kefir, "empty" yogurt, sour milk.

Stop the diet

Don't rush to buy candy and fast food!

First, cook just as you are used to, but start pouring vegetable oil on the salads(sesame, olive). Also be careful with coconut oil - it can be used to season porridge and it is fried in this oil as well. At the same time, coconut oil saturates the body with vitamins, but is low in calories.

Introduce 100 kcal per dayuntil you return to the "pre-diet" diet. . . However, if because of it you put on extra weight, you have probably already revised it and will not eat like this again!

And don't forget to introduce morefiberin the diet (champions of the content of this nutrient - bran, pears, avocados, apples, beets, artichokes, chia seeds). Your task is to quickly cleanse the "stagnant" intestines.

Experience of those who lost weight (and did not lose weight)

Positive feedback

  • The diet is working, the weight is gone.
  • Don't leave the gym.
  • No hunger. She was hungry - she immediately took something of the protein from the “bins”. If you ran and did not have time to cook something for yourself a day in advance, snacks for this diet are sold even at gas stations and small shops near the house (cereal bread, nuts, dried meat snacks, dried fish fillets or squid rings, salted or canned).
  • The experience of losing weight with 100% vegetable protein is described (the basis of such a diet consisted of lentils, soy meat, as well as tripled the amount of dairy products).
  • Besides losing weight, you can gain grip muscles, pump up abs, squat your butt.
  • After losing weight, the waist and hip volumes disappeared, but the bust remained unchanged.

Also, women who have lost weight call the protein dieta "beauty diet", because during such a diet the appearance of cellulite decreases, the face refreshes, the skin tightens, acne and blackheads disappear. Finally, during this time, it is especially gentle and healthy to sleep - and healthy sleep also has a positive effect on the appearance.

And "the icing on the cake":Positive comments about the protein diet - about 95% of the total weight.

Criticism and Shattered Illusions

  • If your store doesn't sell rabbits and you rarely buy turkey, you will need to build your entire menu on chicken. As a result, at the end of the second week, you don't want to watch this meat anymore.
  • People with high blood pressure jump from high protein content.
  • Some people crave sweets all the time.
  • If you get carried away with the diet and tighten it up, protein poisoning will begin. This condition can be recognized bythe characteristic body odor that has arisen- it gives off acetone from the skin. The smell is gone - we urgently “roll up the fishing rods” and put in fiber, glucose.
  • If you need to lose maximum weight, you need to count calories on a diet, weigh portions.