Sports exercises for weight loss at home

A diet with a calorie deficit and avoiding simple carbohydrates can lose extra pounds, but it is not responsible for the quality of the body. Effective training, which consists of sports exercises for weight loss, helps prevent skin tightening, accelerate weight loss, make the figure beautiful and the waist slim. What should they be and can they be made at home? How often should these sessions take place?

What exercises should you do to lose weight

Not all types of physical activity help you burn fat. Any activity causes the expenditure of energy and calories, so a person who plays sports may notice slight weight loss, but you can only seriously lose weight if a number of conditions are met:

  • Aerobic exercise should be the backbone of your exercise program, so you will need to sign up for physical or interval training and start running.
  • For local weight loss of problem areas (abdomen, buttocks, etc. ), classes should be selected separately, supplemented by the main fat burning program.
  • You shouldn't start weight training until you've lost most of your body fat.

Rapid weight loss

exercise to lose weight fast

Active correction of the body and weight loss is not promoted by intense sports training, but by classic physical form, which should last about an hour. The exact duration of a workout depends on your physique: endomorphs can be done for up to 2 hours without long breaks, and mesomorphs should be limited to 40 minutes.

Which activities for rapid weight loss to choose depending on the type of load does not matter: the heart rate is much higher, which should constantly be 60-65% of the maximum. This is the only way to get the fat burning effect from your workout.


If you are planning to combat excess weight or problem areas without going to the gyms, you can find the home weight loss course presented by video tutorials - this is the best option. more efficient. The textual description will not give you a complete idea of ​​what you should do.

An inventory may be required to function:

  • fitball;
  • dumbbells weighing 1. 5-5 kg;
  • leg weights;
  • carpet;
  • hoop.

At home, experts suggest making daily morning exercises a habit, which does not focus on rapid weight loss, but on accelerating metabolic processes and improving muscle condition. If your work schedule allows, you can include a short morning run or three workouts per week at home. The emphasis will be on aerobic exercise.

Effective weight loss exercises at home

Whatever loads you pick up, remember that you will have to wait at least a month for a good result. This is especially true not for general weight loss, but for correcting the volumes of specific areas to which the exercises you have selected are directed. Keep in mind that the load should be a system in which there is no rest: the complex should be performed for 40 minutes without a break, if your goal is weight loss, not muscle building.


sports exercises to lose weight

Jumping is a basic exercise used in all sports to warm up. In addition, a load is given to the muscles of the legs, and here it is important to be careful: no matter what type of jump you practice, you need to lower your entire foot. If you only put weight on your half toes, you will start to pump the calves and your legs will not lose weight.

You can perform jumps and related exercises to warm up for just 15 minutes, and it is recommended that you end the warm up with a five minute run in place or in a circle. If you are aiming for active weight loss, the jump can be done for half an hour.

For the stomach and legs

Forget about classic abs pumping if you want to shed belly fat and don't plan on getting relief cubes. The feminine complex of weight loss exercises in this area consists of elements of rhythmic (and not sports! ) Gymnastics, where the abdominal muscles are affected.

The following will be particularly effective:

  • boat;
  • coin
  • ;
  • lift the legs from a lying position;
  • scissors
  • .

To lose weight, you can use exercises practiced in classical choreography: squats in 1 and 2 positions, swings forwards and to the sides from 3 positions. The only thing is that ballet exercises involve performing these exercises and sports slowly - fast, because it is not the development of muscle strength that is important to you, but the load.

Swings can be performed with weights: ankle weights or elastic, from the following positions:

  • standing with a support on a chair or a wall;
  • lying on your side (getting up);
  • you can combine swings with lunges.

For thighs and buttocks


will also be effective when you are focusing on losing weight in the upper legs, bulking up the gluteal muscles. However, here it is worth taking a closer look not at the ballet options, but at the classic options: the feet are parallel, the back leans forward during the squat, the pelvis moves back. You can perform such squats with dumbbells in your hands. Forward or side lunges can be used as sports exercises to slim the hips, but it can be dangerous for knee problems. The number of repetitions per set should be such that a burning sensation is felt in the thigh / buttocks.

For the hands

exercises to lose weight of the hands at home

The most effective exercise that helps tighten the contours of the arms are traditional push-ups, familiar from school physical education classes. They will help the muscles of the chest, so it is not exclusively a male element - women also cannot do without push-ups.

Do 20 to 25 reps per set, alternating between grip width and speed. If the push-ups are difficult from the floor due to weak arm muscles, you can start from the wall. For those who find it too easy to perform push-ups in the basic setup, you can take the weight off your back - this will increase the load on your arms.

For the whole body

Fitball exercises will help strengthen your core muscles: they force you to keep your core together, exercise your abs, try to regain your balance.

There are several easy to use full body exercises that are suitable even for beginners:

  • Sitting on the ball, raise your legs, stay stretched out in front of you for a minute.
  • Lying on your stomach on the fitball, tear your legs and arms off the floor, try to keep your balance for a minute.
  • Lying with your back on the ground, take the fitball in your hands, with a quick movement, tear the body off the ground and raise your legs. Pass them the ball, return to the original pose. Repeat 30 to 40 times.

Set of exercises

Whatever goal you are pursuing - slim legs, slim waist, perfectly flat stomach or swollen buttocks - you will have to load the whole body, but the set of sports exercises will be chosen taking into account the desired end result. The ideal all-round approach to home body shaping involves a warm-up in the morning, stretching in the evening, and a one-day main workout, the content of which is different for men and women.

Morning exercises

After waking up, even with an emphasis on active weight loss, you don't have to train hard: it's better to limit yourself to a warm-up that will warm up your muscles and prepare you for the working day. It is recommended to do sports exercises in the morning to lose weight at home before breakfast to start burning calories before you have time to "eat" new ones.

The base complex might look like this:

  • The body bends to the sides and comes and goes.
  • Rotation of the arms in the shoulder joint.
  • Jump (multiple types, 10 minutes total).
  • Squats (3 minutes).

Evening exercise

a set of exercises for weight loss

Before bedtime, activity should be reduced, otherwise a strong adrenaline rush can make you sleepy. However, if your goal is to lose weight, there are several weight loss exercises that can be done. Try not to prepare them in the evening, but a few hours after dinner.

Static workload is preferable for now: stretching works well, which can be stepped up:

  • Plank (at beginner level 2 minutes, with good preparation - 5 minutes).
  • A corner near the wall (sit like a chair with your back against the wall and count to 100).

For women

If you are analyzing exercise for weight loss at home by gender, you should focus on the issues inherent in a particular gender. In women, deposits are mainly observed on the abdomen and thighs: areas where the creation of hormonal "pillows" is predetermined by nature. Loads must necessarily affect these areas, that is, you can not do without squats and planks. At the same time, women are advised to train with weights if they need active weight loss.

For men

The hormonal background of representatives of the strong half of humanity is such that if they want to lose weight, they need to work on simulators, but do not use weight, so as not to start developingmuscle mass. A set of sports exercises for weight loss can be used from a basic training - this is a simple and effective option, but at home, in the absence of simulators, you will have to resort to heavy dumbbellsup to 5 kg. The focus should be on loading the muscles of the chest.

Exercise calendar

According to expert information, the effectiveness of exercise for burning fat appears only after three or more workouts per week. Sports exercises for weight loss as part of cardio should be done for 40-60 minutes, while power loads are considered separately.

An example chart looks like this:

  • Jump (10 minutes).
  • Manual exercise (10 minutes).
  • Jump (5 minutes).
  • Leg and abdominal training (10 minutes).
  • Jump (5 minutes).
  • General load exercises (10 minutes).
  • Stretch (10 minutes).